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DOT Part 199 & 40 Program Audits

  • Review written Drug/Alcohol Policy
  • Conduct field audits to verify records and program implementation

Follow-up DOT Field Audits

  • Ensure program maintenance
  • Verify drug test records of new employees and training of supervisors

Recordkeeping & Reporting

  • Meet "Monitoring" requirements per DOT/RSPA
  • Collect and compile drug testing statistics
  • Post quarterly reports of contractor's data
  • Analyze data and report deficiencies

Safety Sensitive Contractor Audits

  • Audit to operator's Drug/Alcohol Policy requirements
  • Provide drug testing reports to operators

Collection & Breath Testing Audits

  • Ensure adherence to DOT Part 40 Procedures
  • Verify EBT calibration records and BAT certification

Operator Qualification Rule Verification

  • Check for records required by pipeline operator's operator qualification plan

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