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Company Background

Compliance Specialists, Inc. (CSI), was organized to provide auditing services to the gas and oil industry, subsequent to the passage of the Department of Transportation, RSPA drug and alcohol regulations. CSI began providing these services in 1991.

CSI’s mission is to provide certification services to employers who utilize contractors and/or subcontractors. CSI has specialized in the gas and oil industry. CSI provides auditing services to verify that contractors comply with operator requirements related to insurance, drug and alcohol prevention programs.

CSI recognizes that contractors provide valuable services to the operators. Therefore, CSI’s philosophy is to provide technical assistance to contractors to help them get their programs into compliance with the applicable regulations. Deficiency letters are written so that contractor can easily make corrections to their programs.

Recognizing that operators have to demonstrate what steps they have taken to ensure that their contractors are in compliance, CSI has developed a state of the art database system that allows operators to retrieve information regarding the audit status or statistics for specific contractors in real-time 24 hours a day seven days a week through the interactive Client Area of our web site.

CSI was awarded the Northern California Supplier Development Counsel "1997 Supplier of the Year - Class I" award.


CSI’s management team has extensive business experience. Therefore the company’s underlying emphasis is customer service and remaining flexible. CSI’s approach is to try to minimize the overall cost to each client.

The CEO of CSI spent thirty years of his business career as a management and financial executive. Seven of those years were spent as an auditor. This broad experience enables CSI to develop audit protocols for any subject matter. He has been in the drug testing business since 1988. His membership in the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA) allows CSI to keep up to date with changes in the industry.

CSI has developed its audit team by combining audit and/or investigative experience with specific subject matter expertise. The audit staff of CSI is made up of former high level police officers and safety professionals with years of practical experience. Each of these auditors receives extensive training to insure consistent audit procedures. Refresher training sessions occur once a quarter. Monthly meetings to discuss specific auditing topics enable the auditors to stay current with the regulations and learn new auditing techniques.


CSI audits contractors for compliance with DOT, RSPA regulations. CSI performs desk reviews of drug and alcohol plans and verifies the accuracy of drug testing statistics. In addition, field audits are performed to verify drug testing records. CSI provides technical assistance to contractors in its goal to assist these contractors to meet regulatory demands.

Non-DOT safety sensitive contractors are in many cases required to have drug and alcohol programs that comply with the operators. CSI develops customized audit checklists to ensure that contractors comply with the operator’s specific requirements.

CSI also conducts audits of urine specimen collection and/or breath testing service providers to assure that the latest DOT Part 40 procedures are followed and that EBT calibration is being conducted. BAT certificates are also examined to verify that training has been completed.

Most recently, CSI has added verification of Operator Qualification records of contractors who perform DOT covered work for pipeline operators.

CSI is currently auditing over 1000 contractors and over 25 operators nationally. CSI’s strength is its ability to rapidly develop customized audit programs based on the specific requirements of the client.

CSI has determined that electronic communication is the most efficient and cost effective way to service its clients. Toward this end, CSI has made a major commitment to providing Internet access to all clients


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