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Compliance Specialists, Inc. offers a variety of auditing and monitoring services to enable clients to pre-qualify new contractors, verify the status of programs with existing contractors, and to assure the contractor is maintaining all programs in compliance with federal, state, or customer requirements.

DOT/RSPA - Pipeline Regulations to 49 CFR Parts 199 & 40:
CSI audits contractors for compliance with DOT/RSPA regulations by performing desk reviews of the contractor's DOT Part 199/40 drug and alcohol plan and by verifying the contractor is drug testing at the required rates by reviewing quarterly drug testing statistics. Additionally, field audits are performed to check drug testing and training records. CSI provides technical assistance to contractors in its goal to assist these contractors to meet regulatory demands.

CSI Client Drug and Alcohol Programs:
Safety sensitive contractors are in many cases required to have drug and alcohol programs that comply with the client's own drug and alcohol policy. CSI develops customized audit checklists to verify that contractors have written policies that comply with the client's specific requirements. Drug testing statistics are also checked to verify the contractor is performing drug testing according to the client's requirements. Field audits may be conducted to verify the existence of testing records. Finally, CSI monitors the contractor’s drug testing statistics to confirm the contractor is maintaining their program.

Collection & Breath Testing Audits:
CSI can perform audits of fixed or mobile specimen collection and breath testing providers to ensure adherence to the most recent DOT Part 40 procedures. The audit process involves examination of the physical site, witnessing the required mock tests, examination of EBT calibration logs, and verification of BAT certificates. A full report is provided to the contractor or pipeline operator client for verification of compliance to any authority that requires this auditing process.

Operator Qualification Rule - Records Verification:
Pipeline operators subject to the Operator Qualification Rule will need to verify that contractors performing DOT covered work have the hard copy records on file to confirm that their employees have met the requirements under the pipeline operator's qualification plan. CSI's auditors will perform records checks following a statistical sampling plan to help assure the pipeline operator of the contractor's compliance.

Database Access for Results and Status:
CSI has determined that electronic communication is the most efficient and cost effective way to service its clients. Toward this end, CSI has made a major commitment to providing Internet access to all clients and currently permits unlimited access to the client's database by authorized personnel. Data is available on each contractor with respect to their status in the auditing process and final result. Statistical data is also accessible for drug testing and/or safety performance.

CSI is currently conducting ongoing audits and is also monitoring over 1000 contractors nationally for many of the major companies in the Oil and Gas Industry. In most cases, CSI's clients are performing verifications of several programs with each contractor and then having CSI monitor drug testing statistical data for assurance of program maintenance. CSI’s strength is its ability to rapidly develop customized audit programs based on the specific requirements of the client and to make it easy for the client to access the results of the auditing and monitoring process.

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